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OnUs Payments System India Pvt Ltd is a digital payments fintech company which was founded in Feb 2010 by 2 experienced bankers with a focus on making payment simple and inclusive. It was incubated at NSRCEL at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Our vision to transform those identified segments not served by the current payment systems into becoming a part of digitally empowered society. Paperless, Cashless and play a pivotal role in making digital India.

We aim to provide a complete end to end customised contactless card-based payment system with both closed loop and semi closed loop transactions without incurring the major capital upfront costs and with frugal operational costs in conjunction with the current banking systems. We have created smart-city cards for banks as well as large campuses in the area of Health Care, Educational, Hospitality and Corporate Segments along with Banks.

Offline Solution

It don’t need internet connectivity for each transaction. All the transactions will happen with no Internet Connection

Extremely Fast and Secure Transactions

Faster than all conventional methods and phone payments <8 seconds for transaction approval.

End to End Customized Support

Provided with complete solution which includes hardware, software, web portal to access reports and backend customer service.

Minimal capital investment

Onetime implementation cost and a small monthly service fee.

Automate User Touch-Points

ID cards, Access control, Attendance management & Library management can be programmed on the OnUs card.

Customised Solutions

Provides a customised solutions based on your requirements.


OnUs provides an android based best in class point of sale machines with a contactless customised wallets in smart and secured transactions which do not have any dependency on connectivity or even power, ideal in the context of lsat mile issues.

Healthcare Solutions

OnUs are provides a customised payment solutions replacing cash/credit for the Hospital which has a retail infrastructure for payment by providing hospital patient cards as well as patient cards issued by banks. We make the process hassle free across all the stake holders so that they are free to create the patient centric healthcare services.

Educational Solutions

OnUs Payments aims to digitalize the financial eco system of educational Institutions. We provide a cash-free campuses by enabling the institute, parent & students to pay/receive fees & miscellaneous digital payments by integrating a student wallet in their ID cards and provides a card loading options for the parents through a payment gateway.

Hospitality Solutions

OnUs Payment provides highly privilege Guest Cards for Hotels and Clubs and Resorts which is carries a strong local flavour not only in its branding but also has offers in line with local festival and events, Business landscape and cycles. The value offered in the Cards will be used for enjoying the services at a particular Hotels as well potential flash value outside of the property based on management requirements.

Corporate Solutions

Today most of organizations, no matter how technologically advanced, still have cafeterias running on traditional vendor management method. Employees are forced to stand in a centralised cash counter to collect the meal coupons by wasting crucial working hours waiting in queues. For the vendors handled in cash increasing the risk of miscalculations and pilferage.

Banking Partners

OnUs Payment has been engaged with Yes Bank in converting many government institutions as cashless ecosystems and also supports Yes Bank on the smooth Cashless Transaction and provides a complete back end support.

Onus Payment had been engaged with KVB for backend support for Enkasu Card Project. The KVB Enkasu card is a prepaid cards which inclusive development of city by promoting and making Kaur as Cashless Smart City. These cards can be used across all category of merchant and for all kind of digital payments to purchase your Groceries, Fuel, Hospital, Milk, Vegetable etc.


Onus offer a customized solution based on the different requirements and touch points. The Onus commercials are very competitive enough to match your business needs. Get in touch and we will reach back to create your custom commercials.



CEO & Co-Founder

Has spent major part of his career honing his skills across the complete gamut of Retail Payments, namely building a large portfolio, driving profitability, product offerings across Banks. The area of passion remaind Payments with its large opportunity in the indian context. An avid admirer of emerging technology mix for specific market opportunities became the DNA for the enterprise he started and an Industry he pioneered.


Director – Sales & Co Founder

A dynamic sales person with skills across business development, training and coaching. A vivid reader with a great passion towards outdoor activity, long driving and food. A great motivater and team player focused on empovering teams and building values by concentrating on business ecosystem. An excelent people's person and always high on energy. His leadership is based oninspirition and cooperation and always belive in unleashing other people's energy


Onus is combination of solid leadership, effective communication and access to good resources contribute to services deliverables. We work with high standards of transparency and constant feedback on improvement. We contribute our individual skill-set together to make OnUs as winning team.

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